Welcome to The Food and Wine Emporium, formerly Bellissimo

A hub for our social lives, a café, a coffee roastery and purveyor of fine foods….

Welcome To The Food and Wine Emporium

Having marked 21 years in the hospitality business in April 2021 in the middle of a Covid-19 lockdown, it became clear that a new chapter needed to be written in our story. ‘Positive Change’ needed to be the title of that chapter. Bellissimo had served us all well, families had grown up and the next generation had become our customers, but it was time to handover to the needs of that next generation and promote new beginnings.

All of us had reflected over the course of the numerous lockdowns in the previous 12 months on what was important and less so. We were amazed at what consumed our time in our old routines and how little value we were deriving from it. The majority agreed that it was time with friends and family that was the real missing during those lockdowns, a yearning to meet & greet became more obvious in all of us and therefore we all concluded that it should be the focus for our ‘new normal’.

With that in mind we set about changing our offering to reflect those needs and ‘celebrate togetherness’ and the simple pleasure of meeting for catch up. Informal gatherings with friends and family, made even better with great food and beverages. And so the Food and Wine Emporium was born. It is for you! It is a hub for our social lives, a café, a coffee roastery and purveyor of fine foods…..It is a venue for an evening out on Friday or Saturday, a Gastrobar of sorts….it is a place which is entertaining, energetic and relaxing all in on.
Most importantly it is an experience created with you in mind and we really hope you enjoy it.

Want to make a reservation for a Special Event ?

No problem, we can seat up to 80 ! (when Covid-19 Government restrictions are removed)